We are a team of Ukrainian-Americans from the Slavic Pentecostal Church in Rochester, Evangelical Christian Church in Buffalo, and volunteers across the United States who are partnering with a refugee resettlement agency, other local churches, and a generous landlord all in an effort to provide safe refuge for twenty Ukrainian families in upstate New York. 

These families are coming from some of the most war-torn cities in Ukraine, have nothing to go home to, and have no family or friends in the US who can support them. As a team, we are working together to provide these families with affordable and safe housing for their first year in the United States, social services, and legal support, as well as introduce them to the local Ukrainian community.

It’s important to note that no one on our team is paid. We are all volunteers who feel called to show those affected by the war in Ukraine that God loves them and has not forgotten them! Of course our team cannot help every Ukrainian in need, but with all of us working together, we CAN help some! Our goal is to bring 20 families to safety in upstate New York, hence The New York 20 Project! 

However, we cannot do this without your help. There are many ways to get involved! You can donate financially via PayPal (@SPCROCHESTER, memo “NY20”), or check (please make out to Slavic Pentecostal Church, memo “NY20”) through which 100% of the funds will go towards bringing each family to Buffalo, providing a meal stipend to those who are awaiting employment, and any other additional needs. Each apartment given to a refugee family is furnished and stocked with basic necessities. Our team has set up an Amazon registry through which you can easily donate and these items will be shipped directly to Buffalo.  Another way to help is by signing up to sponsor a refugee family. This is the most important and urgent step in the process of bringing a refugee family over to the United States.  Finally, please pray for the Ukrainian refugees, for peace in Ukraine and for our team in accomplishing this goal!


Over the course of the last few months, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to partner with these organizations to help our Ukrainian refugees all around the world. Our team has had the pleasure to work with them in Ukraine, Romania, Mexico, and now New York. We continue to seek opportunities to serve the refugee families who need it most.


Agape Ministries is a nonprofit organization started by Alex and Vera Fedorchuk. They began working with Ukrainian orphans and are now helping refugees across the world.


The Least of These was started by a group of young adults in Rochester, New York to send aid to Ukraine and have been actively serving on missions trips and the NY20 Project.


The United with Ukraine team was formed in March of this year. They have been working to help Ukrainian refugees who are seeking to come to the United States.


Located in Buffalo, they are working to provide refugees with the resources and support needed to become successful members of the New York community.